Published: 26 October 2017

Pas Dosè

With different characters from Champagne and Franciacorta, Friuli Venezia Giulia is also born with great talents for making excellent sparkling wines. Our traditional method sparking wine is made by white grapes, to obtain a ‘Blanc de Blancs’. Only aged on the lees in the bottle for more than 40 months and zéro dosage (nature) can show its unbelievable finesse and pure characters.

White grapes

Average vineyard age: 30-60 years
Number of vines per hectare: 4.000
Training method: double-arched cane (doppio capovolto) Average yield: 90 quintals/ha
Harvesting period: beginning of September

Both varieties are early harvested and collected at different times in order to give more complex wine body. Pressing whole grapes tenderly and only keeping free-run must. Classic cold settling, fermentation “sur lies” to the assembly, in the spring. The second fermentation in the bottle, or “tirage”, takes place in May. The entire process, from the grape to the bottle, is exasperated with total respect for the physical integrity of the raw material. After 40 months from the end of the second fermentation, the product is mouthed and dosed with the same base wine, without any added sugar.

Color: Straw yellow color and brilliant. Soft and persistent perlage.
Nose: Fine and elegant aroma, with light flavor bouquet, that mix with fragrant yeast notes.
Palate: Fresh, mineral, with a acidity perfectly balance by the structure. Long and pleasant after taste.

Traditional Friulian aperitif. Excellent pairing with fish, white meats, cured meats, salami, prosciutto and mature cheeses.

Serving temperature: 5-6 °C / 41-42,8°F
About alcohol(% vol): 12.5
Totaly acidity (g/l): 6.50

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Published: 26 October 2017


Serving temperature and food pairing

For true Zero Dosage "lovers", serve it as an aperitif in the evening. For "newbines": pair it with any type of dish you want to serve. It will always be a perfect match. Except with desserts. Serve at 5-6 °C