Transgender Guatemalan woman’s deportation case to get U S Supreme Court review

Now I know what the Indian is, what my father and other landlords like him are, what we – myself included – the salaried middle sectors are, what the urban and agricultural proletariat is. The major difficulty I had was when I tried to join some popular class-conscious organizations. It was difficult at first to find the compañeros and then, in the testing period, it was harder and longer for me than for any other person. I knew perfectly well that because of my class background, they would, of necessity, create problems for me. But I persisted, and after a year, I succeeded in getting them to let me work with an organization read at that was in the process of really linking itself to the interests of the great majority of Guatemalans. By way of introduction, I had a magnificent compañiero who was assassinated later in 1972. One of the last times I was there at the finca, there was a storm, rains that wouldn’t stop.

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Weaver, spinner and beading artist Brenda Bishop looks at a hand woven bag made by Guatemalan artist Erika Sop at Friendship Bridge’s Special Master Weavers Collection textile exhibit at Convivio Café on September 29, 2022. (Photo by Andy Cross/The Denver Post)The nonprofit maintains a staff of over 200 in total, with the majority in the Central American country, said chief development officer Nicole Eubanks. Many smallholders also lack the managerial and agricultural skills necessary for successful engagement in the SFP, a process which is perceived as difficult and compounded by low levels of trust in the institutions involved. Figure 1 shows the impact of the awareness campaign among women who had not received agricultural training compared to those who did . A digital information campaign encouraged women agri-preneurs to take part in the SFP market and provided essential product, price, and contact information through a short video and SMS reminders. While women are increasingly involved in all aspects of agriculture, their participation is often informal and unremunerated.

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  • Convinced a large majority of the cannery workers in the state of California to join United Cannery, Agricultural, Packing, and Allied Workers of America ; 75% of these workers were women.
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Up on their shoulders, I saw my mother and brothers and sisters who went ahead. I am going to answer you with what may seem to be a contradiction but it was, precisely, because of my nonproletarian class background. I come from what could be called the agro-export bourgeoisie. As a child, I customarily spent my end-of-the-year vacation at the finca.

Lucia Xiloj Cui is a Maya Q’echi’ lawyer fighting for justice, specifically in sexual abuse cases committed during Guatemala’s civil war. Myrna Mack Chang was an anthropologist of Chinese and Mayan descent who worked for the rights of Indigenous peoples during Guatemala’s civil war.


One nice day in the month of July, two compañeros and I went out destined for a place in one of the departments . At a determined spot, we left the car and began to walk until we encountered another compañero who took us to a concientización (consciousness-raising) meeting with other peasants.

Guatemalan women reinvent agrobusiness

The labor participation rate is 37.36, which means only 37.36% of Guatemalan women in the age category participate in the labor force. However, this has nothing to do with economic reasons because although Guatemala is certainly not the richest country in the region, the unemployment rate is pretty low here (only 3.57%, which is lower than that of the United States). It’s about Guatemalan culture and society, not about their economic problems. In order to promote local economic development amongst women, USAID provides vocational education, expanded market access for women-owned enterprises, business development services, and access to agricultural technology.

Along with collecting testimonies, the ABJP also provided psychosocial support for the survivors and their families, with the aim of empowering the women. Eventually, the women survivors brought a complaint to the public prosecutor’s office in Rabinal.

Women started selling more of their produce and becoming more involved in decision-making in their households. Today, a beta version of the e-commerce platform is being used by 25,000 schools across Guatemala, connecting them with 45,000 individual sellers. It has been key to ensuring the effective functioning of the SFP at the height of the pandemic, enabling food access for schoolchildren and their families and protecting farmers’ sales and revenue. The World Bank’s DIGITAGRO pilot takes aim at both of these challenges. Reuters, the news and media division of Thomson Reuters, is the world’s largest multimedia news provider, reaching billions of people worldwide every day. Reuters provides business, financial, national and international news to professionals via desktop terminals, the world’s media organizations, industry events and directly to consumers.

The foreman and the labor contractors who took advantage of us thought they were kings. A man from the village – a contractor – hired the rest of the workers from the village to do the picking. The foremen were also exploited people but they chose to be on the side of the bosses. And after that feed the other workers – about thirty people outside of our family. Then we would do the dishes and start to cook corn all over again.

During the second week of the trial, the court is expected to hear the testimonies of the Maya Achi women survivors. Meanwhile, Xiloj, Reyes, and Valey have petitioned the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court to nullify the ruling dismissing the charges against the other three ex-PAC members who walked free in 2019, Pedro Sánchez Cortez, Simeon Enríquez Gomez, and Felix Tum Ramírez.

Hannah wants to go to law school and practice some form of social justice law; whether that’s immigration law or criminal defense with a social justice lens, she wants to focus on using her privilege to help marginalized folks get the justice they deserve. She currently volunteers with a bilingual preschool program, La Escuelita, near her hometown in Wisconsin and works with the Small Claims Advisory Service to offer legal information to Spanish speakers in Massachusetts going through the small claims process.